Hotel Brief

Welcome to Dali lake Yupinxian hotel , the hotel is located in the Lake of Inner tourist area of North Shore, Gongger grassland heart, was founded in 2003, is the development and construction of scenic Lake early and set catering accommodation in one of the large hotels. Yupinxian hotel ideally, dining convenient parking adjacent to the periphery of many famous attractions. Store up to 1.5 km away from Lake scenic area, two kilometers away from the anvil Mountains attractions, 1 km away from the Dali Lake Museum.

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The hotel offers Dali Lake Accommodation (达里湖住宿) and Dali Lake restaurants (达里湖餐饮) services.Dali Lake Yupinxian Hotel's unique grassland characteristics of Mongolia style decoration of the hotel, the environment elegant, comprehensive coverage of free WIFI. The dining room is equipped with 4 people to 18 people dining room, and can be accepted by more than 160 people. Here you can feel the unique charm of the grassland and the unique grassland culture. Housekeeping Department clean, functional facilities, with the standard and the Mongolia package to meet your different needs. For you to build a city away from the hustle and bustle of the city, into the warm embrace of the nature of the harbor, let you forget the fatigue of the journey, enjoy the grassland style.


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